How to become a CMA

General Eligibility and Prerequisites

CMA Alberta offers two ways to enter into the program. The first option is through meeting the University degree and program requirements; the second is through completing the CMA Accelerated Program.

Option One: University Degree (or Applied) and Prerequisites

Degree/Applied Degree Requirement
A recognized four-year degree (either Canadian or an approved international equivalent) is a general requirement to write the CMA Canada Entrance Examination in Alberta. It can be from any faculty however, given the integrative focus of the CMA Strategic Leadership Program and national standards, CMA Alberta recommends you to pursue a business degree with an accounting focus.

CMA Alberta also recognizes the Bachelor of Applied Business Administration degree as approved by Alberta Advanced Education which is offered through NAIT, SAIT, Grant MacEwan College and Mount Royal College. CMA Alberta does not currently recognize other applied degrees outside of the business field. For information regarding out of province post secondary credits, please contact the CMA Alberta office.

View the list of post-secondary institutions in Alberta.

Information about international degrees

Information about United States degrees

Prerequisite Courses
If you have completed a four-year business degree with an accounting major, most of the exam prerequisite courses likely will have been covered. If you completed a business degree with another major, the gap should be comparatively small -- most likely focused in the areas of advanced management and financial accounting, taxation, and internal control. For other degree types, you may have to take a wider range of studies to meet the pre-requisite requirements, but these studies serve to give you the necessary technical coverage for your professional career.

Complete information on the level of knowledge, comprehension and application on all topic areas in the syllabus can be found in the CMA Entrance Examination Syllabus. Please consult the syllabus document as you proceed through your academic studies.

For a complete listing of required courses, please click here to find the 2007-2008 course matrix.

Option Two: CMA Accelerated Program

If you are a university graduate already in the workforce or a university student in a non-accounting stream, you may be eligible to participate in the CMA Alberta Accelerated Program which will prepare you with the necessary prerequisites to challenge the CMA national entrance exam.

The following CMA prerequisite topics are covered in the intensive seven-month Accelerated Program:
• Intermediate Management Accounting
• Intermediate Financial Accounting
• Advanced Management Accounting
• Advanced Financial Accounting
• Corporate Finance
• Operations Management
• Information Technology
• Strategic Management
• International Business
• Marketing
• Taxation
• Organizational Behaviour
• Internal Control

The topics are covered in 22 lessons plus five tests over a seven-month period. The program is offered by full-day Saturday lectures or by distance-learning DVDs. All participants are provided with DVDs of the non-technical curriculum components (e.g. marketing) as they are not taught in class.

Interested in Distance Learning?

The Accelerated Program now offers a distance learning option. Designed to be completed while you work, the CMA Accelerated Program – Distance Learning option – gives you the flexibility to set your own study hours and master the required knowledge through a combination of DVDs, course material and instructional support. Contact the CMA office for more details.


To be eligible for the Accelerated Program, you must have a:
• University degree (or applied degree)
• grade of 60% or better in the four CMA prerequisite studies:
• Introductory Management Accounting
• Introductory Financial Accounting
• Economics
• Statistics

View complete program details.

Next Steps:

To determine your eligibility for the CMA Accelerated Program, email a copy of your university transcripts to your local CMA office for a free evaluation.

To immediately sign up for the CMA Accelerated Program, please send in the application form.

The next registration deadline for the CMA Accelerated Program is July 31.

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